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Gain Momentum with a Solid Return on your Human Capital Process Investment
  • Tired of constantly losing your top performers because you are unable to quickly match your highest performers to your best opportunities?

  • Does your data reside in so many disparate applications throughout the organization that you cannot find one unified answer to all your human capital questions?


  • How will you add increasing value to your business units through more productive Human Capital processes?

       TalentEvolution™ has the answers you have been looking for…

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Software to Support Strategic
Management Decisions


A Strategic Talent Management Tool

Talent is now recognized for materiality and is key to organizational success – a focal point for reporting, discussion and planning at the board and senior management levels throughout the organization. It is more important than ever to have effective tools to support better, faster, and more informed decisions around this materially important strategic asset.

TalentEvolution™ is the best fully configurable human capital management software in the industry. Deployed across 38 countries by some of the world’s most forward-thinking employers. This award-winning software helps organizations make fully informed decisions about their workforce, monitoring and analyzing diversity, equity and inclusion. TalentEvolution™ takes every scrap of the complex information surrounding people to provide true business intelligence.

Our Clients use TalentEvolution™ to:

  • Identify, manage, and track future leaders – TalentEvolution™ is designed as an effective strategic management tool to support workforce planning and decision-making. Through an aligned view of performance and potential, “A” players quickly emerge as targets for special attention and under-performers emerge as targets for development or replacement.

  • Spot human capital vulnerabilities – do you have the workforce you need to accomplish your strategic objectives? What is your succession plan for critical positions within your organization? With TalentEvolution™, executives can determine potential workforce vulnerabilities, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the talent pool, and develop and manage a succession plan for key positions.

  • Develop & promote the right talent – connecting employees with opportunities or jobs that utilize their capabilities encourages your best people to stay and grow within the organization. Utilizing TalentEvolution™, managers can search across talent pools to identify potential candidates, as well as align individual aspirations with existing opportunities. Managers can also set up and conduct assessments of talent to provide key additional perspectives for development and promotion planning.

  • Strategically manage retention – how do you reduce turnover of top talent? How do you decide who to retain in a market downturn? Both are important human capital issues with very costly implications if not managed strategically. With the reporting capabilities of TalentEvolution™, management can quickly spot turnover problems, and effectively plan for staff right-sizing.

  • Determine the impact of talent and conduct ROI analysis – talent has a unique and cross-cutting strategic impact on organizational success. TalentEvolution™ has the ability to unify data from a wide range of sources and to show financial impacts of talent vulnerabilities or talent moves provides insights for senior executives and board-level decision making.


Designed for the Senior Team

Developed by senior talent management specialists, TalentEvolution™ has been designed to be used by senior team members throughout the organization.

  • Senior executives – top executives and board members can utilize TalentEvolution™ reports to look holistically at the entire talent pool to make strategic workforce decisions that align with business goals.

  • HR professionals – the HR team can use TalentEvolution™ to access all relevant workforce data; cross-reference and analyze this data holistically, by position, individuals, or talent pools; generate accurate, timely reports to support strategic human resource decisions; and present information to senior and line executives in language that easily enables their decision.

  • Line managers – the management team can use TalentEvolution™ to effectively profile and build their teams; manage and track performance; identify future gaps in talent; and retain and promote the best people.

  • Talent staff – professionals who participate in talent processes can access and review their pertinent data on qualifications and aspirations.

Our Story

Talent Management Evolution, Inc. is designed and created by highly experienced human capital professionals. It was initially created to offer the NHS (UK National Health Organization) a solution to their wide variety of human HR needs. The NHS has many different locations, each with a different level of HR and educational needs. TME was used to provide a unified solution whilst maintaining the flexibility necessary to accommodate each location’s needs.


Since its inception, user-based updates and modifications have been included in the platform to continue growing in support of the human resources community. This constant feedback allows us to offer a unique combination of experience and expertise that spans business strategy, line management and technology development.


We continue to provide users with highest levels of customer service and support. We serve the large, multi-national organizations, the small local companies, and all those in between. Our solution is designed to flexibility, quick implementation and the on-going changing needs of your organization. Headquartered in Minnesota, we are a global company.

Our Vision

At Talent Management Evolution, Inc. we have designed our solution as an innovative, data integrator and tightly-unified management solution – a one stop shop approach to your Human Capital processes. Through our dedication to the highest levels of customer service and the feedback it provides, we are constantly searching for ways to improve the advantages our customers enjoy using the platform. This focus on service allows us to help meet the challenges our users face. We provide the consolidation, flexibility and adaptability our clients need today.


Our competitive advantage is that we offer an affordable end-to-end unified talent management suite, requiring only one implementation exercise to gain access to all software capabilities, deployed within 4-6 weeks. Our approach includes a 100% configurable, SAAS subscription model requiring no software, no hardware and no maintenance for the user.


Because we unify data from disparate sources, our solution allows you to leverage your existing investment in talent management solutions and gain additional functionality without having to abandon your existing purchased or “home-grown” system.


We can embed component systems into the application and/or link the user to them. We have third party application integration through API configuration and we will build custom support for your specific tool set.


You are not limited to the data we think is important. If your organization has a particular need or data structure, it can be easily added to the system. We aim to set the system up for you with your unique data structure but if changes or additions happen along the way, the platform has an easy-to-use system manager interface or we are always available to help you keep up with your requirements.

How it works

How it Works


TalentEvolution™ gathers and unifies performance, succession, employee profiles, recruitment/retention, compensation, organizational structure/strategy, and other key data from disparate systems and processes throughout the organization.


This provides executives with an organization-wide view of all critical workforce information to support easy and informed decision-making.


Using powerful search and reporting capabilities, the senior management team can access and analyze human capital information to strategically plan and manage their workforce.

Secure & Easy

  • TalentEvolution™ utilizes a privilege-based login algorithm that controls user’s access to processes and data. The solution is hosted by the world’s most secure IT infrastructure provider.

  • Unifies all human capital information – TalentEvolution™ can aggregate information from a variety of sources including unification and automation of paper-based processes. Limiting the need for the Excel worksheet circus.

  • Quick and simple to deploy – implemented in a matter of weeks, and with full collaboration of your IT resources. By matching existing processes, no additional training or retraining of staff is needed.

  • Highly adaptable to your needs – working in partnership with your organization, TalentEvolution™ can meet all of your workforce management needs.


The TalentEvolution™ solution allows companies to manage all their human capital data needs. Any number of fields can be added, reported and analyzed. This includes the following integrated processes:

  • User & Manager Self Service.

  • Performance Management, including 360 reviews & continuous performance

  • Succession Planning & Organization Charting

  • Workforce Planning & Management

  • Skills Assessment, Training Identification & Tracking

  • Employee Surveys

  • Skills and Competency Development

  • Employee Mobility

  • Career Aspirations & Development

  • Metrics Development & Tracking

  • “9 Box” Style Grids, KPI Reports and other deep analytics

and much much more – all tightly unified and live within 4-6 weeks!

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